The Brief

Something BIG was to happen this June in Ushuaia Ibiza Beach Hotel and it was our job to bring the BIG brand to life.

David Guetta’s parties at Ushuaia are extremely popular, drawing in a huge audience weekly from June until September. The new name for the party came naturally, the music, the shows, the crowd, the girls; everything about Guetta’s parties scream BIG. This year it was our challenge to design and visualize a full show package to make this party even bigger.

What High Scream Delivered?

We used LED screen and a special cut black mask to create the letters B, I, G as the stage center piece. Incorporated into the letters were platforms for the performers allowing shows to happen on different levels.

The biggest challenge came with making decoration that was not only huge but stable enough to support itself without the need for ugly trussing or supports. High Scream proposed to fabricate a giant tap that would appear to be suspended midair above the swimming pool. One BIG question was how it would be possible to raise a giant tap almost 20ft up above a pool without any visible supports? The solution was to create the tap from a special polystyrene material making it lightweight and supporting it with a special water system that creates the illusion that the water is falling from the tap. We also built a giant overturned paint pot for the club entrance and two gigantic bubbling champagne bottles at the VIP entrance, two great photo opportunities for Guetta’s guests.

Dancers are a must at any David Guetta event, but this time they needed to be even bigger and better than ever. Enlisting the help of our beautiful glitter team to provide a show stopping performance whilst draped in the fabulous costumes of Manuel Albarran. It seemed like an easy win for the animation team, but with such a large team, and six complicated outfit changes- it is a challenge for the most organized. As always the glitter team pulled it off and were on stage for each moment in time for a flawless performance.

The Outcome?

One BIG party.