On February 22, High Scream was a part of the largest single-day dance music event in Europe with over 40,000 people attending DJ Snake’s show at the La Défense Arena in Paris. Romain Pissenem, directed the groundbreaking event working with the artist, his team and a carefully selected group of partners to bring the production to life.

Having previously collaborated with DJ Snake in 2016, the artist and Pissenem began working on the original concept in September 2019 for what would be this monumental show. Working concepts went through numerous sketch and render processes and inspiration was finally drawn from Snakes performance on top of the Arc de Triomphe two years earlier. With that monument in mind the critical element of personal storytelling was brought into the production plan.

Following just 5 weeks of preparation, the final show design was brought to reality with a LED screen cube reaching 17m in height, able to transform into a scale model of the famous monument. The versatile design hugely increased performance diversity for the artist and allowed for new content designed in collaboration with Lorenzo De Pascalis from Ombra and a more versatile lighting design which saw High Scream's Ian Tomlinson work with programmer Rob Lister.

Long standing technical partners S Group, saw CEO Léon Van Empel, Technical Director Bertrand De Saint Pern and 32 technicians build the monolithic LED cube, comprising of 960 tiles of ROE Visual Vanish 8s, on the front and sides, and 544 tiles of Gloshine Legend pro 4.8s at the back. WIcreations provided automation elements which allowed for DJ Snake to perform first at height and later descend from the ‘Arc’ plus the equipment needed to split the LED cube in two and allow the artist roll toward the downstage edge on a custom event WI-wagon.

DJ Snake, Paris 2020 Aftermovie Video Credit: Cody Macfly

When I play a show at home, it’s not just a regular’s a type of family reunion.’ - DJ Snake

Along with the demands for this production, in terms of design and technical capabilities, the show itself held a personal meaning to DJ Snake, Romain, Léon and most members of each team and crew - all hailing from Paris making this a home-coming with unique personal ties. Expectations and anticipation was high, with the final production proving to be memorable for all involved.