David Guetta would only move one of the most iconic parties in Ibiza, F*** Me I’m Famous, to Hï Ibiza if High Scream came up with a “crazy production” and “something really unique”. Fortunately, unique is what High Scream always aims for. Moving the show was a major shift in the Ibiza club scene and a huge project for the team. David wanted something brand new that would represent his music and direction as an artist. The brief was a clear one - to create an optical illusion to mask where the stage sits, and this became the foundation for the concept and collaboration.

With that in mind, David and High Scream Founder & Director Romain Pissenem started brainstorming a full production revamp with intricate lighting designs in order to deliver a fully cohesive and mind-blowing experience. Back in 2017 High Scream designed Hï Ibiza’s theatrical main room and stage to be a blank canvas, so each night of the week an exciting new production could be created. No built-in DJ booth provided the perfect opportunity to design something truly unique and Romain came up with the idea of an imposing cube structure, which was then developed to create hundreds of magic tricks.

“The only thing that would really make me move F*** Me I’m Famous to Hï would be a crazy production, something really unique,” David said. “We talked for a long time with Romain and he came with this proposal that I think is really, really special.”

The mesmerising structure is made up of 14 LED cubes, which were also designed for touring and can stand separately or, like in Hï Ibiza, can be hung with motors to stack for a real three dimensional backdrop. The design uses 7,000kg and 100sqm of LEDs totalling 3 780 000 pixels displaying 3D mapped 4k digital content, all of which need to be set-up and taken back down within 24 hours.

The team worked solidly for a month on the drawings and technical calculations before spending another month building the structure and producing all elements at the warehouse in Paris. It was then transported to Ibiza. After arriving, it took a week to put the set together and a week of programming and rehearsals. On Friday 7th June 2019, David Guetta and F*** Me I’m Famous came to life for the very first time in Hï Ibiza for a 17-week residency, marking a new gold standard in club show production.

“To be honest, it’s the first time I get so involved in the show because I was so fascinated,” David shared. “I’m more of a music guy than a visual guy and it’s been really, really interesting and it’s been amazing to work with Romain.”